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Close up magician Phil Jay is a first class magician his versatile style of performing is guaranteed to be the talking point of any event. Phil offers one of the most self-contained acts available for corporate or private events. There is no need for special lighting, sound equipment or staging and this specialist type of magic can be performed almost anywhere. The only thing Phil needs is an audience; the only limitation may be your imagination. Besides all the typical venues, homes, hotels and marquees, Phil Jay has been booked by private and corporate clients to perform in this way on airplanes, boats, yachts, trains, in stretch limousines, casinos, a 7 star hotel in Dubai, The Academy of Magical Arts Hollywood, The Magic Circle London and even 10 meters underwater in a resort in Florida.

Phil Jay's Close up magic is available for:

Close up magician Phil Jay can be used as stroll around close up magic at receptions entertaining guests of corporate or private clients and can also be used to amaze guest at their tables during dinner. Phil Jay can visit each table and entertain on average up to 120 persons during a 2-hour dinner slot. For a larger group of up to 1500 guests, or Phil can arrange all the magicians you require. For a small, more intimate group, a 40 min after dinner show is recommended. Phil Jay also offers bespoke shows for business presentations, training, exhibitions and private parties of all kinds. If you need to talk things through with Phil Jay, he will be pleased to share his experiences and advise on the best way his act can work for you.

Further information:

Phil Jay has been a full time professional magician specializing in close up magic for over twenty years. If ever you have watched magicians on T.V. and thought you would like to be closer to the performer this is the style of magic you need to see live and there is no better practitioner in the whole of the UK than Phil Jay. As you will see from looking through the rest of the website Phil Jay's style of performance is used for many different types of events for both corporate and private clients. They say there is no substitute for experience Phil has performed at over five thousand shows, on average entertaining one hundred guests per event that is half a million people he has entertained worldwide. When you book him and then see the quality of his act you will understand why he is kept busier than most other magicians in the UK. Now click through the rest of the site to see the other magician services that can be offered by Phil Jay.

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Close up Magician